Being a puppy socialiser for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf is a lot of fun, I love working with the dogs and training them to be ready to go off into training. My first puppy was Rusty, a very energetic, lovable apricot cockapoo puppy, who was amazing at working and all his soundwork, a real joy to train. If you have followed him on my blog you would have seen the day he arrived, went into training and when we went to see his soundwork.

As you can imagine it is tough being a puppy socialiser, you have a wonderful puppy who you create a bond with and never want to leave you but you know from day 1 that this will happen, we had lots of tears when Rusty left but also we were so proud when we went to see him doing his soundwork and couldn’t wait to hear who he got placed with to work with. I didn’t expect to hear, see or meet him again after this day.

However, we have been so very lucky that his recipient has been in contact with us from very early on, this has been wonderful to see his pictures going up on Instagram and to see how happy he is. BUT to make my dream come true, today she came to meet us! I never expected this, at all, as a lot of recipients who receive a dog don’t get in contact with anyone, I understand the reasons why but I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to the socialisers who have looked after that puppy for around 14 months to be able to see and hear how happy their puppy is. Also to hear what a difference to their life that dogs makes.

We had a lovely day going out for a walk with Berkley and Rusty, Rusty showed us that he is no different to before and that he loves water and mud still! We love Rusty and his outgoing character, he has changed his recipients life already and she is so happy with him. Makes ALL my hard work worth it.

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  2. what a truly rewarding job and I can totally understand how excited you must have been to see Rusty again and see how well he is getting on. It looks like he was the centre of a very happy family day out. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    • Thank you, it is so rewarding and even more so when you can see how it has changed someones life.

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